Interview: Johan Lundström (Liquid Scarlet)
Interview Johan Lundström (Liquid Scarlet) : Liquid Scarlet was formed in 1996 in Kalix, in northen Sweden. Johan Lundström interview 2004

Liquid Scarlet is a band from northern Sweden. The music is made for the total experience. We try to make music to which you can experience all emotions and feel every feeling, just like a good book or a film.

If we only can reach one person then our mission in a way is accomplished. But we're going to try to spread or sounds all over the world.

Other bands and artists that we feel have made a difference are: king crimson, bjork, genesis, yes, radiohead, frank zappa...

Short info about the band:
-all bandbembers are twenty something years old
-we have played together since 1996
-we wear white clothes on stage


Liquid Scarlet was formed in 1996 in Kalix, in northen Sweden.

The band started out playing covers but soon got into writing their own material.
At first the music was quite mellow, with a female vocalist, but over the years it developed into a more alternative sound.

In 2000 the band's current line up was formed and the group started playing more progressive songs.
After doing a lot of shows in Sweden and sending demos to record companies, the band was contacted by Progress Records in 2001.
A debut album was then recorded and later delayed because of different reasons.

Finally in March 2004 the album was released, and the rest is still to come...

2004 Liquid Scarlet

The band released their first album 'Liquid Scarlet' in March 2004.


01. Greyroom [5:23]
02. Hesitating In The Foyer [4:39]
03. Citta Nuova [8:32]
04. Molok [5:16]
05. Talking In Ashes [6:42]
06. Comes Near Lingers Far [8:25]
07. The Red Stairs [5:52]
08. One Last Masquerade [8:13]

- In general what do you think about the album?
' It's a good record.'
- Favourite Song(and why)? 
' "The red stairs" -it expresses an idea and a mood in a very good way.
But we like all the songs in different ways.'
- Any anecdotes /special memories from the recording sessions? 
'Not really. Lots of hard work, technical problems and laughing.'

- Any new 'ongoing' recordings with A.C.T.?
'We haven't planned any recording sessions now, maby later this year or early in 2005'

Liquid Scarlet Live 2004 Fiskekyrkan, Luleå, Sweden
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