Interview: Mikael Ramel
Interview Mikael Ramel: Steampacket 2 / Fläsket Brinner . Mikael Ramel interview March 2005.
From left to right: Mikael Ramel– vocals, guitar, organ, lyrics, arrangements, music


Mikael Ramel comes from a famous musical family, his father Povel Ramel being one of Sweden's most beloved artist of all time. In the early to mid sixties Mikael was a member of Steampacket, who recorded several singles during the decade.
When they broke up Mikael became a solo artist, and in 1967 he made a single called "This is our family/Lovin´Enemy" together with his close friend Michel B. Tretow.
They were both very interested in recording engineering, and Tretow later on became an internationally renowned engineer.
In the early seventies Mikael Ramel became a member of the Scandinavian progressive jazz/rock group Fläsket Brinner(The Flesh is Burning).
He is featured on their double album "Fläsket"(The Flesh).
Tommy Dahlén

He made several records during the 70's, 80's, 90's, working as a musical therapist and is now(2005 March) finishing a new album for release during spring 2005!
Claes Hassel


1972 Till Dej

The recording of the album "Till Dej" began in 1969 in the basement of Mikael Ramel's house and continued at the Europa Film Studio .
Musicians: Stefan Höglund - bass, Erik "Kapten" Dahlbäck - drums, Sören Hansen - congas, Anders Nord - piano, flute and Mikael Ramel - vocals, different guitars.
Guest Musicians: Bengt Dahlén - guitar solo on "Artificiell prana" and "Nå då så", Mats Glenngård - violin, Per-Erik "Slim" Notini - piano and others..



01. Hör du på [02:00]
02. Nå då så [03:57]
03. Pengar [06:48]
04. Imorron e en ny da [05:04]
05. 5emtaktarn [03:03]
06. Långt in i naturen [07:41]
07. Artificiell prana [10:51]
08. Vi må oxå [01:54]

  - What do you think about your debut album?
  'If I had released it 6 months earlier it would have been the so called first rock-prog album with swedish lyrics. Pugh Rogefeldt managed with that.
I mention this because the album "Till Dej" actually was ready for release in the middle of 1971 (it was released in sept 1972).
I started the work when in jail 1969. Why we did not release it earlier I can´t remember - but I remember the feeling of having done something special, something new...'

- Favourite Song(and why)?
  'All of them but "Vi må oxå ".'

- Any anecdotes/special memories from the recording sessions?
  'We recorded in a cellar with a very low ceiling. Everybody seemed to be "front-bowed-walking". Yet they came. Lots of musicians came to listen - came to join. And they were many and they were welcome.'

1974 Extra Vagansa

The recording(july 1973-august 1974) of the album "Extra Vagansa" took place in both Ramel's own studio(in his house) and at the Europa Film Studio .
The songs were written between 1968 and 1974.
Musicians: Stefan Höglund - bass, Erik "Kapten" Dahlbäck - drums, Anders Nord - piano, flute and Mikael Ramel - different guitars bass and vocals.
Guest Musicians: Bengt Dahlén - guitar on "Extra Vagansa" and "Så länge´re svänger", Kenny Håkansson- guitarsolo on "Roun´de´Loo" and violinintro on "Blinde mannen", Bo Hansson - synthesizer on "Extra Vagansa", Gunnar Bergsten - arrangements for string/winds, saxophone, wind and other guests..



01. Tema från helgen [01:37]
02. Apfigur [04:03]
03. Flödet [03:39]
04. Extra Vagansa [04:32]
05. Det går undan [05:36]
06. Så länge´re svänger [07:51]
07. Blinde mannen [02:53]
08. Lukter runt holken [03:23]
09. PS´et [00:47]
10. Roun´de´Loo [06:10]

  - What do you think about your second album, "Extra Vagansa"?
  'It was "over-done". We offered too much attention to it. But in the long while it seemed to be a "still liver".'

- Favourite Song(and why)?
  'Hmmm..."Apfigur "? Never made such nonsens harmonies since that one.'

- Any anecdotes /special memories from the recording sessions?
  'Bosse Hansson and Bengan Dalén playing the solo part at the song "Extra Vagansa " at the same time. The way they communicated - that was magic.'

1977 3:e skivan

Third record by Mikael and called "3: skivan"(Third Record)
Less psychedelic and progressive than his former records, a bit "poppier" in style.
Musicians: Bengt Dahlén - guitar, Kenny Håkansson - guitar, Henrik Hilldén - drums, Kaj Söderström - bass, Mikael Ramel - different guitars, vocals and other musicians



01. Snutten
02. Ge´re till oss
03. Frieriet
04. Yin-yang man
05. Missionären
06. Fäbodrock
07. Förtroende
08. Folk, vart tar du vägen
09. Lånad gitarr
10. Gurus att anamma
11. Plocka blommor
12. Strax dax
13. Sagodrömmen

  - What do you think about your third effort? 
  'A beginning of a new episod.'

- Favourite Song(and why)? 

- Any anecdotes /special memories from the recording sessions? 
  'This was an album that was not recorded in the low ceiling cellar.
This was - what they call - "a real studio" (Bastun). I remember Monica Zetterlund & Sture åkerberg walking down the long stair to install themselves into the work of "Sagodrömmen ". I was very nervous & excited about this teamwork.'

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