Search: Search Album
Search Album: Search for Album's in the RockProg database. Show Album review for the selected Album.

Search for Album's in the RockProg database.

Criteria - Search for Album's in the database.

  a Enter the text you wish to search for(one text string, ex. stone) in the Album textbox.

  b. Click the Search Button.
      The Search button invokes the search and initiates and displays the result in a Result Grid below the Search.

  d. Show album review: Click on the View button to the left for the selected album.

  e. It initiates and displays:
Info about the Album, opens to the left of the Search frame(here).

  Example: Enter the text stone, in the Album textbox, then click the Search button. Your results will include all Albums where the Album title includes the word stone(Stone Blue, Stoned Guitar, Tombstone etc.).

  Note: * (wildcard) is automatically entered at the end of your search text.